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.5oz Insta-Cure thin CABob Smith$3.99
1 Bag of 6 Extender TipsBob Smith$2.99
1 CA Over Cap (individual)Bob Smith$0.40
1 ea CA Replacement CapBob Smith$0.75
1 Extra Long Extender TipBob Smith$0.49
1 Non-Clog CA App., Fine TipBob Smith$0.49
1 Non-Clog CA App., Reg TipBob Smith$0.49
1 oz Insta-Cure thin CABob Smith$5.10
1 oz Insta-Cure+gap CABob Smith$5.10
1 oz Maxi-Cure E.thick CABob Smith$5.10
1 oz Super Gold thin oderless CABob Smith$13.00
1 oz Super Gold + gap odorless CABob Smith$13.00
1 oz Un-Cure CA DebonderBob Smith$3.40
1/2oz Insta-Cure+gap CABob Smith$3.99
1/2oz Maxi-Cure E.Thick CABob Smith$3.40
1/2oz Super Gold + gap odorless CABob Smith$7.60
1/2oz Super Gold Thin Odorless CABob Smith$7.60
13oz Finish-Cure 20min.epoxyBob Smith$27.00
2 oz Insta-Cure thin CABob Smith$8.50
2 oz Insta-Cure+gap CABob Smith$8.50
2 oz Insta-Set CA acceleratorBob Smith$5.50
2 oz Maxi-Cure E.thick CABob Smith$8.50
2 oz Super Gold thin oderless CABob Smith$21.00
2 oz Super Gold + gap odorless CABob Smith$21.00
24" of Teflon TubingBob Smith$1.49
4.5oz Finish-Cure 20min.epoxyBob Smith$13.00
4.5oz Mid-Cure 15min.epoxy (Out of Stock)Bob Smith$10.00
4.5oz Quik-Cure 5min.epoxyBob Smith$10.00
4.5oz Slow-Cure 30min.epoxyBob Smith$10.00
6 Ex-Fine Ex-TipsBob Smith$3.99
9 oz Mid-Cure 15min. Epoxy Bob Smith$15.50
9 oz Quik-Cure 5min. EpoxyBob Smith$15.50
9oz Slow-Cure 30min EpoxyBob Smith$15.50
Box of 12 CA Replacement TopsBob Smith$7.50
Box of 12, 24" Teflon TubingBob Smith$13.80
Box of 24 CA Over CapsBob Smith$3.60
Box of 24 Ex-Long Ext. TipsBob Smith$9.50
Box/24 Non-Clog App, Fine TipBob Smith$8.90
Box/24 Non-Clog App., Reg TipBob Smith$8.90
IC-2000 Rubber Tough CABob Smith$8.50
IC-2000 Rubber Tough CA, 1/2ozBob Smith$5.95
Insta-Cure Gel 20 gramsBob Smith$5.99
Insta-Set CA accelerator 8 oz. refillBob Smith$10.00
Shoe Goo, 1ozDynamite$5.59
Shoe Goo, 3.7 oz by DynamiteDynamite$6.99
Formula 560 Canopy GlueGlobal Hobby Dist.$4.29
Super 'Phatic 50mlHobby Lobby$9.99
8 oz 5-Minute Z-Poxy by Pacer GluePacer Glue$13.99
Z-Poxy Finishing Resin, 12 oz by Pacer GluePacer Glue$15.99
Mixing Cups 1/4-1 oz.(24)Sig Mfg.$2.70
Sigment Model Cement 4ozSig Mfg.$5.98
Zap CA 1oz (Thin) #PAAPT08Zap$6.99
Zap CA+ 1oz (Gap Filling) #PAAPT02Zap$6.99

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