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1/4" Nut for the 702/703 GBAstro Flight$0.50
25-40 Brush end BellAstro Flight$18.00
25-40 Front end BellAstro Flight$15.00
25-40 Front end Bell(Comp)Astro Flight$15.50
25-90 DD Prop Nut & WasherAstro Flight$1.25
325 5 Turn ArmatureAstro Flight$75.00
Astro 05 Brush End Bell w/BBAstro Flight$25.50
Astro 05 Front End Bell w/BBAstro Flight$22.50
Astro Bearings 1/4 I.D.Astro Flight$3.95
Astro Brush Caps 2 PackAstro Flight$1.50
Astro Brush Caps eachAstro Flight$0.75
Astro Brush Holder w/cap (Out of Stock)Astro Flight$5.95
Astro Brushes FAI 035-15, PRAstro Flight$6.00
Astro Brushes New 25-90Astro Flight$9.95
Astro capacitator 4pk.Astro Flight$2.00
Astro Circuit Breaker for 115D ChargerAstro Flight$4.50
Astro Cobalt 60/11T ArmatureAstro Flight$150.00
Astro Cobalt Magnet 1 inchAstro Flight$7.50
Astro Cobalt Magnet 3/4 inchAstro Flight$7.50
Astro Ctr Motor Bolt 020 (Non Brushless)Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Ctr Motor Bolt 035 2pkAstro Flight$2.50
Astro Ctr. Mtr Bolt 05-15 2pk(Out of Stock)Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Dual Capacitor KitAstro Flight$1.95
Astro Fuse 7 ampAstro Flight$2.25
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 020 -Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 05Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 25-90Astro Flight$2.75
Astro Old Style sm. Field 60 Flux RingAstro Flight$9.72
Astro Texaco 035/15T #23n ArmatureAstro Flight$37.50
Ball Bearing 1/8 in bore 035Astro Flight$3.95
Ball Bearing 5/32, CO 05-15 MtAstro Flight$6.00
CO 05 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
CO 15 10T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
Cobalt 035 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
Ctr Motor Bolt 25 (2 pk)Astro Flight$3.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 40 (2 pk)Astro Flight$4.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 60 (2 each)Astro Flight$2.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 90 (2 each) (Out of Stock)Astro Flight$2.50
FAI 035 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
FAI 05 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$49.00
FAI 15 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
FAI 25-40 Comp Front End BellAstro Flight$18.00
FAI 25-40 Comp Rear End BellAstro Flight$23.00
FAI 40 4T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
FAI 40 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
Geared, Prop Nut & WasherAstro Flight$1.50
Motor Magnet Hsg Standard 05-1Astro Flight$40.00
Motor Magnet Hsg. Elipitical FAstro Flight$50.00
Prop Bolt & Washer 020-15Astro Flight$1.25
Silver Brushes 615/640, pairAstro Flight$9.95
Battery Brushes Reedy SerratedB&T$2.50
Bearings 1/4 x 3/8B&T$3.75
Bearings 1/8x5/16B&T$3.75
Bearings 3/16x5/16B&T$3.75
Brush Springs HeavyB&T$1.80
Brush Springs MediumB&T$1.80
Brush Springs Supr HeavyB&T$1.80
Brush Springs Xtra HeavyB&T$1.80
Pro High Silver 35% BrushesB&T$5.00
5x11x3mm open Bearing (Jeti Mtrs.)Champion$3.95
5x16x5mm w/ two metal shieldsChampion$3.95
Heat Sink, 20x20mm: Park 400 InrunnerE-Flite$3.99
Shaft: Park 400 Brushless OutrunnerE-Flite$2.99
Shaft:Park 480 BL OutrunnerE-Flite$3.99
Large Capacitor 470mfGraupner$2.70
Small Capacitor 47mfGraupner$1.00
SPEED 400 Connector LeadGraupner$3.90
JST Connector Lead for Chargers Hobby Lobby$2.99
Motor Wires with SPEED 400 Connecor, Yellow, 13"Hobby Lobby$4.50
Prop Shaft w/Hardware: Super CubHobbyZone$3.19
Leisure Repl.Brushes All Leisure MotorsLeisure Electronics$5.00
Brushes for Turbo10 & GT mtr.Model Elec. Corp.$5.25
Diode for MEC mtr.Model Elec. Corp.$1.57
Brushes for MPI Cobalt 05-15 (Old Style)MPI$7.60
for MPI Cobalt 05-15 Motor Bolts (2)(Old Style)MPI$1.97
MPI Cobalt 05 armature 7 turn(Removed from New Mtr)MPI$27.00
MPI Cobalt 05 ball bearingsMPI$4.95

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