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T-Rex 450 Parts / Upgrades

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325mm Carbon Fiber Rotor Blade Set, 3K White HS1231 / AGNH325CFW by AlignALIGN$36.99
Aluminum Control Lever Set, Blue by AlignALIGN$28.99
Aluminum Flybar Control Set, Blue HS1081 / AGNH1216B by AlignALIGN$19.99
Aluminum Rotor Housing/Head Block Set, Blue HS1142-72 / AGNH1213B by AlignALIGN$30.99
Aluminum Tail Rotor Control Set HS1135 / AGNH1241G by Align -GrayALIGN$13.99
Canopy Mount(2) & Tail Linkage Rod Support/Bracket AGNH1145 / HS1104 by AlignALIGN$2.99
Canopy Mount(2) & Tail Linkage Rod Support/Bracket HS1104T / AGNH1145 by AlignALIGN$2.99
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom: 450 by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$11.99
Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blade Set: 3K, X, XL by AlignALIGN$10.99
Flybar Rod, 220mm Stainless Steel (2): 450 by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$4.99
Landing Gear Strut, White (2): 450 X/XL by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$5.99
Landing Skid Nut HZ022 / AGNH1149B by AlignALIGN$2.99
Linkage Rod & Ball Link Set by HS1119 / AGNH1126 Align (Out of Stock)ALIGN$4.50
Main and Tail Drive Gear Set w/One Way Bearing, Bl AGNH11270B / HS1218T-84 by AlignALIGN$17.99
Main Rotor Holder/Grip (4) HS1140 / AGNH1152 by Align Corporation Limited ALIGN$10.99
Main Rotor Housing/Head Block Set by Align HS1071 / AGNH1113ALIGN$5.99
Main Shaft (2): 450 by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$9.99
Main Shaft Set: 450 SE/XL by Align Corporation Limited ALIGN$7.99
Mini Helicopter Main Blade Holder HS1181 by AlignALIGN$3.99
New Autorotation Tail Drive Gear, Blue (2) by HS1220T / AGNH1272B AlignALIGN$6.99
New Main Drive Gear, Blue (3) HS1219T-84 AGNH1271B by Align(Out of Stock)ALIGN$8.99
New Main Drive Gear, White (3) HS1219 / AGNH1271W by Align ALIGN$8.99
Stainless Steel Linkage Ball & Screw Set by Align ALIGN$11.99
T-REX TAIL ROTOR BLADE SET HS1019 / AGNH1343W (Out of Stock)Align$3.95
Tail Boom (2) & Servo Mount: 450 XL/SE by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$7.99
Tail Linkage Rod Set, White by Align Corporation Limited ALIGN$3.99
XL Tail Drive Belt by Align Corporation Limited ALIGN$7.99
Futaba GY401 Gyro w/SMM Technology 401Futaba$139.99
Front Shaft/Gear/Pulley Set SE: 450XL/SE by Microheli Co., Ltd Microheli$29.99

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