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Graupner Motors

Product #Product NameVendorOur PriceIn StockAdd to Cart
6 volt/ Speed 280 (Out of Stock)Graupner$6.99
Graupner 8.4 volt/ Speed 600Graupner$15.90
Graupner SPEED 250 7.2V Motor (Out of Stock)Graupner$9.90
Graupner Speed 400 Plus 6V w / ESCGraupner$49.90
Graupner Speed 700 motor, 9.6v (Out of Stock)Graupner$29.90
SPD480 RacePlus7.2V w / ESCGraupner$67.00
SPEED 330 7.2V MotorGraupner$24.00
Speed 400 Mtr. 7.2V (Out of Stock)Graupner$9.99
Speed 480 7.2v (Out of Stock)Graupner$28.99
Speed 480 Left Turn Mtr.(pusher) (Out of Stock)Graupner$28.90
Speed 500 7.2 volt Motor (Out of Stock)Graupner$15.90
Speed 600 bb 7.2v (Out of Stock)Graupner$35.90
Speed 700 bb turbo 12v (Out of Stock)Graupner$39.90
Speed Gear 500 PlusGraupner$129.95
Ultra 1800-3, 10-12vGraupner$262.50
Ultra 920-4, 6-8.4v Mtr.Graupner$393.00
Ultra 930-6, 8v (6-12v) Mtr.Graupner$239.95
Ultra 930-7, 10v (6-12v)Graupner$239.95

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