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Folding Props

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10.5x6 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style" (Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$13.40
10x7 prop Glass (Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$11.50
11.5x7 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"(Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$12.90
11.5x7 Props Glass (Out Of Stock)Aero-Naut$11.90
11x6.5 props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"Aero-Naut$13.70
12.5x10 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"Aero-Naut$13.40
12.5x6.5 Props GlassAero-Naut$12.10
12.5x6.5 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"Aero-Naut$13.90
12.5x7.5 Props Carbon Fiber Aero-Naut$13.90
12x7 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"Aero-Naut$13.90
12x8 AeroNaut CAM Folding Prop Aero-Naut$14.50
13.5x7 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"Aero-Naut$14.30
13x6.5 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style" (Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$13.90
14 x 8 Props Carbon FiberAero-Naut$15.80
14x12 CAM Carbon Fiber PropAero-Naut$15.40
15 x 9.5 Spare BladesAero-Naut$14.70
15x 13 Carbon prop bladesAero-Naut$17.50
16.5 x 15 Spare Blades (This item is no longer available)Aero-Naut$15.30
16.5x15 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"(Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$17.60
17x11 CAM Carbon Fiber (Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$18.40
17x13 CAM Carbon Fiber(Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$17.60
18x8 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style"(Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$19.40
2 Screws & nuts for Aero-Naut yokeAero-Naut$2.95
3 mm Screw for Aero-Naut FoldersAero-Naut$1.50
6 inchx3 inch carbon Blade Aero-Naut$14.50
6 inchx3 inch carbon BladesAero-Naut$7.90
6 inchx3 inch Glass Props Aero-Naut$11.20
7 inchx4.5 inch Glass Props Aero-Naut$11.90
7x6 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style" Aero-Naut$11.40
9x6.5 Props Carbon Fiber "Classic Style" Aero-Naut$13.10
Aero-Naut 42mm Yokes Aero-Naut$12.90
Aero-Naut 47mm Yoke Aero-Naut$12.90
Aero-naut 52mm YokesAero-Naut$12.90
AeroNaut 15x9.5 ClassicAero-Naut$16.80
APC 10x6 Folding Propeller BladesAPC$5.50
APC 12x8.5Folding Propeller BladesAPC$6.85
APC 14x10 Folding Propeller BladesAPC$8.95
APC 7x4 Folding Propeller BladesAPC$4.20
APC 8x4 Folding Propeller BladesAPC$4.45
APC13x10 Folding Propeller BladesAPC$7.85
11 x 6 Cam PropGraupner$41.99
11 X 7.5 Folding PropsGraupner$24.23
12 x 6 Cam PropGraupner$42.99
12.5 X 6.5 Folding PropsGraupner$24.99
8 x 6 / 5mm folding propGraupner$18.81
8 x 6 Replacement BladesGraupner$6.60
Cam 16x10 w/ 5mm colletGraupner$38.30
Graupner spinner for 6x3Graupner$4.90
Spare Blades, 12.5 - 6.5Graupner$7.83
Spare Blades, 9-7Graupner$6.39
Spinner Screw for 6-3 propGraupner$0.50
6x5.5 Hirobo BladesHirobo$5.50
6x5.5 Hirobo Folding PropHirobo$12.95
6x5.5 Hirobo PropHirobo$4.90
42mm Collet Mount YokeHobby Lobby$7.90
45mm Collet Mount YokeHobby Lobby$7.90
49mm Collet Mount YokeHobby Lobby$7.90
AeroNaut 9.5x5 Reverse Props GlassHobby Lobby$17.90
Collet Clamps 3.2mm for HLKMO YokesHobby Lobby$5.50
Spare Prop for POT2A, foldingHobby Lobby$3.00
6 x 6 Scimitar Folding PropMPI$9.95
8 x 4.5 Scimitar Folding PropMPI$12.95
Blade for 11" Folding PropMPI$7.00
Blades for 6" Folding PropMPI$5.00
Blades for 7" Folding PropMPI$5.00
Blades for 8" Folding PropMPI$5.00
MPI Scimitar fold.prop 8x4.5, 40mm spinnerMPI$13.95
MPI Scimitar folding prop 6x6, 40mm spinnerMPI$9.95
MPI Scimitar folding prop 7x3, 40mm spinner MPI$10.95
Replacement.Blades for CEM6060MPI$5.00
Replacement.blades for CEM7030MPI$5.00
Replacement.blades for CEM8045MPI$5.00
47mm Yoke for Aero-Naut BladesNCRC$9.25
NC Yoke 30mm with 8mm hole for 8mm bladesNCRC$9.50
NC Yoke 35mm w/8mm hole for 8mm bladesNCRC$9.50
New Creations Mini Yoke for 6mm bladesNCRC$9.50
Ultimate 400 Combo Prop,10x8 onlyNCRC$24.95
Ultimate 400 Combo Prop,11x8 onlyNCRC$24.95
RF Modell 15 x 15 propRFM$40.00
RFM 12.5 X8 RFM$40.00
RFM 12.8 X 13 CF PROPRFM$40.00
42mm Yoke for 8mm shaftSimprop$15.75
SonicTronics 13 inch Prop. HubSonicTronics$6.85
SonicTronics 6 inch Prop HubSonicTronics$5.50
SonicTronics 11x7 BladesSonicTronics$8.55
SonicTronics 11x7 PropellerSonicTronics$14.55
SonicTronics 12x7 PropellerSonicTronics$14.55
SonicTronics 13x7.5 Blades SonicTronics$9.05
SonicTronics 13x7.5 PropellerSonicTronics$15.55
SonicTronics 7-12 inch Prop HubSonicTronics$6.50
SonicTronics 7x4 PropellerSonicTronics$10.95
SonicTronics 8x4 Blades (Out of Stock)SonicTronics$6.50
Prop Assembly - OmegaWattAge$14.95

Due to COVID-19 our store location is open for curbside service only. Please call with your order and we will bring it out to you when you arrive.
Web site ordering is open as usual.
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